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What Causes Foundation Damage?

Foundation damage is the last thing that you want to see as a homeowner, but is a very common problem for many in the Buffalo area. One of the primary causes of foundation damage is when the soil underneath the structure expands. Materials within the expanding soil contain many different minerals such as smectite clay that absorb water. Once the water absorbs into the soil, it increases the volume and expansion occurs. But, exactly what causes this to occur in the first place?

A change in moisture content is one of the biggest reasons for soil expansion and thus, damage to the home’s foundation. Although this isn’t a concern if the water levels remain consistent, this isn’t always what you can expect and damage occurs.

Plumbing leaks is yet another cause of damaged foundation. It can be something as simple as problems with the drains or something more complicated like leaking pipes that causes the damage to occur.

Trees and shrubs growing into the soil’s foundation is also a likely culprit of trouble. When the roots overtake the soil, it causes many problems that need immediate attention to avoid future hassles.

foundation repair Buffalo New York

A change in the weather is yet another reason for soil expansion and foundation damage. There are wet and dry weather cycles throughout the year. The changes produce pressure underneath the home, causing shrinking and swelling. This weakens the foundation and causes cracking to occur.

Foundation damage can be caused by so many different factors. It is important to keep an eye on things and call an expert to handle foundation repair Buffalo New York needs immediately if you suspect damage. Your entire home is one the line when there is damage. This is not a risk that you want to take!